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Pharmacy Computer Solutions' trained staff can help you identify and understand problems, provide advice and recommend effective IT solutions that deliver real value to your business.

Software Support
Pharmacy Computer Solutions will not only invest heavily in staff training, but also in advanced customer management technology which enhances the support process, reducing wait times and providing quicker resolutions to customer queries.  Our national support centre, accessible through a 1300 number during business hours, will be complemented by an after-hours emergency support team, providing access to understanding, caring staff.  Our trained customer service staff will be able to offer expert support on a range of Microsoft products, including Internet Explorer, Word, Excel, Publisher, Access, Outlook and Outlook Express as well as popular anti-virus and firewall products.

Hardware Support
Pharmacy Computer Solutions will extended our unique customer services staff training program to our technical staff, enabling them to become proficient in providing both software and hardware support.  In addition, a specialised hardware training program provides expertise on all types of equipment and operating systems utilised throughout retail pharmacy.

Operating systems, including Windows 98SE, Windows 2000, Windows XP Professional, Windows 2000 Server and Windows Server 2003, incorporating peer-to-peer and client-server networking, are fully supported.  Hardware including common brands of printers, scanners, customer displays, cash drawers, hubs, switches etc will be fully supported by a national network of experienced technicians.

In addition to training during software installation, Pharmacy Computer Solutions can provide specialised in-house or on-site training, covering a wide variety of topics including software and hardware, with an emphasis on the practical application in your business. Through alliances, we will be able to afford our customers access to highly qualified Microsoft Certified Professional Trainers, who can tailor and deliver training programs on a one-to-one basis, taking your pharmacy's unique needs and environment into account, or provide a training schedule to cater for a group of pharmacies in modern computer-equipped classrooms.

Systems Analysis
Pharmacy Computer Solutions has a strong focus on providing redundancy and security for pharmacy systems.  Our focus on business and technology ensures our IT solutions are practical and cost effective, whilst taking into account your business and management structure.  Redundancy measures minimise the risk of disruption to your business in the event of equipment failure, and provide disaster recovery procedures enabling access to your critical data, protecting your vital cash-flow and profitability.

Security policies and procedures are tailored to your business, and include policies which embrace both external and internal security threats.  Security policies and procedures are essential for protecting sensitive customer data, and when implemented with redundancy measures, ensure you meet quality assurance standards, providing a competitive edge when liaising with other business organisations.  Promoting the reliability and security of your service delivery can increase consumer confidence in your business.

Pharmacy Computer Solutions' trained professional staff are able to visit your pharmacy and evaluate the equipment and systems you are using, regardless of your software supplier.  You will be provided with a fully independent report on your system, addressing any concerns you have, including recommendations to improve redundancy and security.  Contact us if you would like to take advantage of this service.

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