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Monday, 5th July, 2004

Three ezyPOS® sites

We're pleased to now have three ezyPOS® beta test sites successfully installed.  Our intention is to grow this number of beta test sites until the software is ready for full release in approximately November this year.

These three shops have access to the following features: Register, Layby, Accounts, Inventory, Specials, Label Printing, Staff Setup and Security, Supplier Setup, System Setup, Maintenance & Backup and a limited number of reports.

The ezySCAN software for use on a wireless PDA has been used by two of the shops to do a stocktake of the entire store with enormous time-saving benefits over conventional methods of stocktaking.

Work is underway on Orders and Price & Product updates, the next modules scheduled for beta release.

Monday, 28th June, 2004

Trade Show Events

The ezyPOS® software will be showcased by our team at the upcoming pharmacy fairs in Sydney and Perth:

The Good Health & Beauty Show - 16-18 July
Stand Number 35
Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour
WA Pharmacy Fair 2004 - 24-26 July
Stand Number 47
Burswood Convention Centre, Perth


Wednesday, 12th May, 2004

Successful installation of first ezyPOS® site

Our first ezyPOS® beta test site has been using the software since April 20.  Our team celebrated the installation, the culmination of two years' work,  that was smooth and hassle-free.  The staff at the site have had no trouble using the software, commenting on how easy it is to use and how much they like it.  We will continue monitoring this site closely as we add enhancements to the software before rolling-out the software to further beta test sites.


Monday, 22nd March, 2004

Successful showing at the APP2004

A big thank you goes out to all the pharmacists and industry professionals who visited us at the Australian Pharmacy Professional 2004 Conference and Trade Exhibition.  Our stand was busy for the entire trade exhibition, the first public showing of the new ezyPOS® software.  We were thrilled to hear so much positive feedback about the software. 

Watch this space for announcements regarding exhibiting at other trade shows throughout the year.


Monday, 9th February, 2004

Pharmacy Computer Solutions offers internet connection and services

We're pleased to announce that we can now offer pharmacies a quality internet service through WestNet Internet.  Pay only $49.95 for 6 GB of downloads along with a whole host of other features and benefits.  Compare with other deals currently on offer and we feel sure you will find us to be extremely competitive.  See our Products page for more details.

Thursday, 22nd January, 2004

Date set for beta testing of ezyPOS®

Our first beta test site is scheduled to start using ezyPOS® on Monday the 1st of March, 2004.  This site is looking forward to having ezyPOS® put to work in their business, and we look forward to working with them.

In software development, a beta test is the final phase of software testing in which a sampling of the intended audience tries the product out.  Effectively it is pre-release testing, the final stage before a product is available for commercial release.  Beta testing will provide feedback on the usability & effectiveness of ezyPOS®, prompt suggestions for improvement so the product will better meet users' needs and identify any problems with the product not picked up in internal testing.

Following successful beta testing, ezyPOS® will be available to Approved Shareholders for installation.  To learn more about becoming an Approved Shareholder, please view our Prospectus, as the software will not be available to the general public until after all Approved Shareholders have taken advantage of their Software Offer.

Friday, 2nd January, 2004

Presentation CD Launched

During December we posted a CD to pharmacies in Queensland and northern New South Wales containing a presentation of the ezyScript® and ezyPOS® software.  We've been excited by the positive feedback we've received by pharmacists, and we will be launching the CD into other states during the ensuing months.  Comments we've received include:
"I want it now!"
"This looks really pharmacy-friendly, you can tell that pharmacy people have written it."
"ezyPOS ***** all over [my current POS]."

Monday, 17th November, 2003

Prospectus Launched

Want to get the ezyScript® and ezyPOS® software?  Invest in Pharmacy Computer Solutions Limited, and you may be entitled to licenses for ezyScript® and ezyPOS® at no additional charge.  Offers of shares in Pharmacy Computer Solutions Limited are made in the Prospectus dated 17th November, 2003.  Applications must be made by completing the the Application Form contained in the Prospectus, which is now available to download.

Monday, 27th October, 2003

We're very excited to be close to finalising the next stage in the development of ezyScript® and ezyPos®, the new dispense and point of sale software for the Australian pharmacy market.

ezyScript® and ezyPos® have been developed after a real need was seen in the industry for software that embraced the latest technology whilst also being fast, stable and easy to use.

Shortly a presentation CD will be available.  Be sure to visit our feedback page and submit your details to receive a copy.


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