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ezyPos and ezyScript
ezyPos and ezyScript are designed to be a totally integrated, modular Windows based software solution for Australian pharmacies, incorporating dispensing and point of sale functionality.  The modules have been designed to stand alone if required, but provide a unique wealth of benefits when combined.  The underlying principle incorporates a single  customer and single active stock database.

The single customer database concept will allow any customer to potentially have a prescription dispensed, hold an account, have a lay-by, be in a nursing home or patient care facility, belong to a customer club or be a member of a friendly society.  The single active stock database concept will allow for effortless stock control and management of ethical items, whilst providing a new dimension for OTC (over the counter) products, including the potential for labelling, recording, interaction checking and the provision of customised product information.

When integrated, dispensary, register or administration functions can be performed from any workstation, increasing staff efficiency and providing maximum return on capital investment.

Operating Platform
and ezyPos have been designed around an SQL database, and will run on multiple Microsoft operating platforms.  Pharmacies with five or less computers can utilise a peer-to-peer network, running Microsoft Windows 2000 or Windows XP Professional and MSDE (Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine) on the primary computer in the workgroup although MSDE is capable of handling up to eight concurrent connections. For pharmacies utilising more than five computers, or for "power users" we recommend the use of Microsoft Small Business Server 2003, incorporating a client-server network on a dedicated computer running as a server.

The utilisation of Small Business Server or Windows 2000/XP Professional and MSDE will allow the majority of pharmacies to retain their existing Windows 98 computers as dispensary, register or administration workstations. Most Windows compatible hardware will work with ezyScript and ezyPos, negating the need to purchase new equipment when upgrading to our software.

General Features
ezyScript and ezyPos will provide all the standard features you would expect in a modern Windows dispense and point of sale package, as well as new and innovative concepts.  Tool tips and integrated help will guide you along the way, reinforcing the already intuitive process.  Standard Windows conventions, combined with specific keyboard functionality essential for quick dispensing and sales, will make ezyScript and ezyPos unique.  For ease of use, the dispensing and register modules have been specifically designed to minimise the use of a mouse.  Screens have been designed to allow the maximum amount of information when displaying product and customer details, providing an easy to use, logical interface.

ezyScript Key Features
●  Automatic recording of drug interactions.
●  Record non-specific or drug-related interventions.
Option to identify both the dispensing pharmacist and the dispensary technician.
●  Initial security settings based on Quality Care staff descriptions.
● User-definable customer search results. Pharmacist logon identifies how customer search results are displayed eg Greg Smith or Smith, Greg.
● Customer retrieval by partial match, Medicare number or customer club/loyalty card.
● Essential patient details and concise patient history displayed at all times during dispensing.
● Patient details can be edited at any stage of dispensing.
● Patient details organised into logical 'tabs' to decrease number of keystrokes required to edit any entry.
● Full patient history available via a function key.
● Flexible prescription pricing based on schedule, mark-up or cost matrix.
● Unique customer preferences options including generic preference, repeat reminders, CMI's required and "Hold" repeats.

ezyPos Key Features
● Differentiation and control over inventory, non-inventory and hire stock types.
● Department and sub-department classification of items.
● Unique retail price manipulation. Specify retail, mark-up percentage or Gross Profit $ or % per product, per department, per sub-department, per supplier, per preferred supplier or per product range.
● Base retails on last cost, unit cost or price breaks.
● Supplier pricing with quantity breaks at your fingertips.
● Product image and location for ease of identification and locating stock.
● Differentiation of product ranges based on pricing, product type or hire item.
● Sales, purchase and shrinkage history tracking.
● Retail pricing for club members, internet sites or members.
● Specials can be date or quantity based and grouped into catalogues.
● Enhanced shelf and item label printing options for products on special.
● Price updates provide advice only, or maintain suggested retail, mark-up % or Gross Profit %.
● Maintain consistent pricing of product variants by inclusion in a 'price' product range.
● Sales messages as well as companion products association at the register.
● Interaction checking, dosage frequency, warnings and product information for OTC items.
● Market information allows you to compare product performance against wholesaler or banner group members.
● Market information allows you to compare your pricing to your local competitors.
● First-in first-out methodology provides greater accuracy for sales and profit reports.
● Install up-to-date agency stock data with just a few keystrokes.
● Debtors distinguished between customer and business accounts.
● Real time stock-take & price verification utilising PDA units
● Unique special orders, D&P tracking with automated email reminders.

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Authorised ResellerCompucon Logo

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Pharmacy Computer Solutions offers customers a total solution encompassing software, hardware, consumables, installation, training and support. Computer hardware has been specifically selected to operate in the retail pharmacy environment, with a focus on providing reliable, cost effective equipment. Careful evaluation and testing both in-house and on-site, combined with warranty and service considerations allow Pharmacy Computer Solutions to select the most suitable products from those available on the market. Pharmacy Computer Solutions' preferred vendors include:

● Compucon Desktop, Tower and Server Computers
● Compucon CRT and LCD Multimedia Monitors
● IBM Laptop and Notebook Computers
● IPAQ hand held PDA units
● OKI dot matrix Printers
● Brother laser Printers
● Kyocera laser Printers
● Citizen receipt Printers
● Zebra/Eltron thermal & direct thermal Printers
● PSC hand held and bench top scanners
● Citizen electronic cash draws and customer displays
● D-Link network products
● Sola un-interruptible power supplies (UPS)

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Through WestNet, Pharmacy Computer Solutions can offer you a high-speed ADSL connection to the internet (where available), providing you with the following benefits:

● Connection to the internet up to 30 times faster than dial-up
● Keep the phone line free
● Always on-line 24-7
● No more dial-up costs
● No limit of computers
● Free static IP address
● Email Virus Scanning available
● Email Spam Filtering available
● Choice of excess usage charge ($10 per GB) or no charge with shaping
● Uploads not counted
● 6 free email addresses
● 20MB of web space for a web site
● Technical support available 7 days a week
● Award-Winning Customer Service (WAITTA)

Pharmacy Computer Solutions has chosen to partner with WestNet not only because of their competitive prices, but also because of their service.  WestNet was recently voted number one for customer satisfaction in the 2003 Australian Broadband Survey.

High speed ADSL plan including 4GB of downloads is only $49.95.  Connection fee is only $99 and  you are not required to enter into a contract.  Use your existing ADSL modem or purchase one to suit your requirements starting from $150.

Compare this to other deals on offer and we feel sure that you will find it to be extremely competitive.

Pharmacy Computer Solutions can tailor internet security to your needs, including content filtering, web address blocking, anti-virus and firewall capabilities.  Please contact us for information about these services.

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Pharmacy Computer Solutions stocks a range of ribbons, drums and toners for popular models of OKI, Brother, Kyocera and Citizen printers, as well as thermal and  plain register rolls and product labels. Orders are commonly processed and delivered on the same day in the metropolitan area, with delivery options including over night air satchels for non-metropolitan customers. Please contact us for current pricing.

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