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Monday 7th March 2005

Successful Showing at the APP 2005

Pharmacy Computer Solutions would like to extend a sincere thank you to everybody who visited us at the APP 2005 and made the show a huge success.

For those wishing to take advantage of the APP special offer of three months free support, remember to return your forms by 31st March.

We will not be attending the Pharmacy Trade shows later this year but rather will be concentrating on installing the software for our Shareholders. 

We look forward to seeing you at the Pharmacy Trade Fairs in 2006!


Wednesday 16th February 2005

ezyPOS® Rollout Continues

January and February have seen the rollout of ezyPOS® into two large pharmacies. The robust Microsoft SQL Server database platform made installing ezyPOS® on 17 computers in one store a breeze. These two stores with high transaction volumes are proving that the program is robust and fast in the largest and busiest pharmacies.

ezyPOS® now contains all the features that most pharmacies need to run their businesses and as a result the number of installations are rapidly increasing.

Watch this space for an exciting special Offer to be released at the APP.


Tuesday, 23rd November, 2004

ezyPOS® Version 4 Released

At the beginning of November we released Version 4 of ezyPOS® for beta testing.  Our beta test site has been using Version 4 throughout the month of November and have had the use of the new Orders module.

"Orders are great!  I can't believe the level of control it gives us - with purchase and sales history showing, and the ease of maintaining %GP will help my profitability."

We thank the staff of this pharmacy and all our beta test sites for the excellent feedback they have given about the software to date, and encourage further feedback.  Many suggestions that pharmacists and pharmacy assistants have had are already being incorporated into the software which will ultimately benefit everyone.

With this pharmacy's installation we were able to further refine our importing of data from existing point of sale systems.  We have also commenced linking to the FRED and WINIFRED®* dispensary programs and can read in drug usage from Quickscript and LOTS.

*Winifred is a registered trademark of PCA Nu Systems.

Friday, 29th October, 2004

Another ezyPOS® installation

This week has seen the installation of ezyPOS® in the pharmacy of another pharmacist shareholder.  We were extremely pleased with the ease with which virtually all the shop was quickly stocktaked into the inventory file.  This is due to both the ezyScan software used on the PDA units and also from the growing number of supplier files we are maintaining.

This weekend we are performing our first conversion from an existing point of sale system, an important next step.  This pharmacy will also be beta testing the next version of ezyPOS® which contains electronic ordering to wholesalers.

Monday, 18th October, 2004

Prospectus Closes

The prospectus issued to raise the funds required to develop ezyPOS® and ezySCRIPT® has now closed.  We are pleased to announce that the investment received has been over and above the minimum amount required due to the overwhelming support we have had from pharmacists.  We'd again like to thank our investors for their investment and for their trust and support.  Share certificates will be issued in the coming weeks and eligible pharmacists will be contacted to ascertain their preferred installation dates.

Two more ezyPOS® installations are scheduled for this month with more scheduled for November.  As the software becomes more fully-featured and with the introduction of POS conversions we expect that ezyPOS® will shortly satisfy the needs of most pharmacies.

Thursday, 16th September, 2004

Another ezyPOS® installation

July and August have been busy months for the team at Pharmacy Computer Solutions as we travelled to Pharmacy Fairs in Sydney and Perth and continued work on ezyPOS®.  The number of features that have been completed is steadily growing.

Our latest beta test site has been installed in the pharmacy of another pharmacist-shareholder.  Again, a stock take was done almost entirely with the ezySCAN software on wireless PDA devices. 

We have been delighted to have such positive feedback about the software's ease of use and logical layout, particularly from people who have used many of the other point of sale software packages available.

The next version of ezyPOS® will be the final beta-release version before the full version becomes available to all our pharmacist-shareholders.  Behind the scenes work is also well underway for ezySCRIPT®, the integrated dispensing software.

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